World Tour Statistics

After travelling for so long I sometimes find myself wondering just how long we've been travelling? Exactly how many days? Where did I spend so much time? Has half the trip been spent in transit? How many buses have I really been on? Did I really take that many pictures?

We had a bunch of the information scattered around, but no way of really knowing. So Chris decided he would put them all together and see these crazy numbers. Then I figured if we were interested and sometimes shocked at the results maybe other people would like to see them too.

So here are the results of all Chris' hard work.... and yes I did occasionally throw my 2 cents in from time to time. Chris has his own pages and some of our numbers are slightly different. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, and other times it's because we've entered slightly different information on our maps so the calculations become a bit different.

Here ya go folks, and if you are interested in knowing other statistics ask and I can see what I can do. Enjoy, and if you click on anything typed in brown it will take you on a short cut to see more things.

I've taken so many photos, if you played a slideshow with 5 seconds for each picture, it would take 1 day, 4 hours and 45 minutes to see them all!

Start Date May 7th, 2008
End Date May 9th, 2012
That Means 1,464 days (4 years and 2 days)
Places Visited 392
Countries 52
Continents 6
Different Kinds of Accomodation 15
Places we Slept 365
Forms of Transport 33
Estimated Total Distance Travelled1 171,519 km
Equivalent Times Around the World 4.3
Average Distance per Day 117.2 km
Estimated Total Hours on Transport2 1,929 (80 days)
Number of Postcards 375
Most Postcards From New Zealand with 39
How Many Times do I Say "Tee hee" in Postcards? 184 times in 122 postcards
Mountains Climbed 6 (Slovenia, Romania, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru)
Volcanoes and Geothermally Active Areas Visited 6 (2 in Japan, 2 in Indonesia, 2 in New Zealand)
Encountered Snow or Glaciers 6 (Slovenia, Germany, Nepal, New Zealand, Chile, Peru)
Ipod/MP3 Players Destroyed Or Lost 4½
Number of Pictures Taken (as of May. 11th, 2012) 20,700
Average Pictures per Day 14.1
Number of Pictures of Spidey 121
Most Photographed Country India with 2,281
Place with Most Pictures Tokyo, Japan with 442
Times Longer We've Spent Circumnavigating the World than Phileas Fogg 18.3
1 based on the haversine formula for distances between latitude/longitude pairs, with a factor of 1.25 for land transport to account for road/rail deviations from the straight line
2 based on est. total distance and avg. speeds of 55km/h over land/water and 850km/h by air
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I have been interested since the beginning and kept track of where we slept every night to remind myself of where we were. I finally stopped when Chris took it over and started adding it into the computer.

Some of the information will look a bit funny like the numbers for tents. We usually use our own tent, but occasionally we have slept in others. On this trip although we've been in tents a bunch of times there have only been 4 actual tents we slept in, a total of 106 nights in 57 different places in 21 countries.

Since the trip is continuing who knows where we will end up sleeping and what the numbers will look like. All I can predict is that nothing will ever outnumber hotels/guesthouses, but who knows if hostels will stay in second place????

A mini explanation about some of the places we slept. is something anyone can join. It's a free organisation where you offer a place for travellers to sleep for no charge. It's a way of meeting nice people and some times they invite you to festivals or parks and places you never would have gone to. We have done Couchsurfing 10 times and made some friends along the way. When I finally stop I will be taking Couchsurfers in.

Hosting is when we stayed at friends places that we either knew before hand, or met on the trip and then stayed with them.

Everything else I think is fairly clear, but you can always ask me any questions and I can let you know, and improve this description...... You can change the order by clicking the headings in bold......

Count Where I Slept ▾ Nights Places Countries
3Rented Rooms12822

I think the transportation section was the hardest to figure out. Since I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, Chris pretty much was solo here. Below you will see all the numbers he came up with after dissecting the trip place by place. Some of the modes of transportation were a bit difficult to distinguish, but I think he did a great job of sorting things out. You can click on the headings in bold to change the order of what you're looking at.

Just to let you know, we didn't even pretend to count the number of small city transports we took like autorickshaws, tuk-tuks, cycle rickshaws, motorbike-with-sidecar taxis and a bunch of other obscure things we took all the time. India and Southeast Asia have tons of these forms of transit and they all blur together so you'll just have to live without an actual number.

To read the chart just follow a line left to right..... I rode on 5 animals in 4 places in 4 different countries. Now if you want more info you can click on the beside Animals and it will show you a further break down of what kind of animal, and how many of each were ridden. Now for example we did ride camels two times going in and out of the desert, but it only counts as one camel since I rode Aziz both times.

Now I think there are probably things that have been missed, but this gives a pretty good idea of how we've gotten around..... Oh and I have no clue how many 1000's KM we've actually walked............ And if you hate reading these things just scroll down and check out my colourful Pie Chart.

Expand All Transport
Amount Mode of Transport ▾ Places Countries
1 1
4 4
181 34
12 8
65 26
150 37
Cable Cars
10 7
4 3
31 22
108 28
33 9

This one is pretty straightforward. You could read it left to right. Our first stop was Europe and we spent 154.6 nights in 19 different countries.

The only thing I did different was adding a separate subcontinent for India and Nepal. I know they are in Asia, but since they feel so different from the rest of Asia I decided to show them separate. If you don't like that I divided them out..... Just don't click the sign beside Asia.

Order ▾ Continent Days Countries
South America
North America
Between Continents

This is my favourite stats page. You can change the order by clicking any of the bold print headings and again read left to right.... I like clicking on photos taken and seeing the order that everything comes up.

Ireland was country number 1, we stayed 26.4 days, visited 10 places there. The place we stayed longest was 4.1 days in Dublin. I took 505 photos in the country, an average of 50.5 photos per place, and wrote 9 postcards from there.

At the moment Malaysia is the country we have stayed the longest, but the chart is ever changing so who knows?

Just to let you know that each country is only counted the first time we entered it. So although we went back to Spain after Morocco and Gibraltar it still only appears after Ireland as our second stop. We are not linear travellers, so if you really want to know our exact route go back to the Map and follow the red lines.


       Country  Order ▾      Days     Places Most Days in One Place    Pictures Avg. Pics/Place   Postcards
Ireland126.4104.3/ Dublin50550.59
Spain222.6106.1/ Valencia510519
Morocco37.763.0/ Marrakech55392.26
Gibraltar40.310.3/ Gibraltar1171171
Portugal513.874.0/ Lagos378547
Germany613.494.0/ Berlin26929.98
Czech Republic75.923.0/ Prague3381692
Austria85.125.0/ Vienna34171
Hungary98.534.1/ Budapest19063.33
Slovakia100.110.1/ Domica49491
Romania1121.1174.2/ Sibiu39022.912
Ukraine120.210.2/ Serednie Vodyane24241
Croatia136.343.2/ Bol9824.54
Slovenia147.172.7/ Bled27639.44
Italy156.342.2/ Rome112282
Vatican City160.110.1/ Vatican City84841
France1712.256.7/ Paris49999.85
Monaco18< 0.11< 0.1/ Monte Carlo221
Belgium191.911.8/ Brussels30301
Netherlands203.032.2/ Delft9431.31
Qatar210.610.6/ Doha13131
Kenya222.112.1/ Nairobi1081081
Tanzania2311.983.2/ Nungwe55969.97
Malawi248.043.8/ Kande Beach88223
Zambia258.943.8/ Livingstone32581.34
Botswana263.321.9/ Gau Island13567.52
Namibia2720.8144.2/ Swakopmund102373.113
South Africa2860.21025.3/ Plumstead66666.613
India2998.33210.9/ Mumbai228171.333
Nepal3037.72110.0/ Kathmandu84340.122
China3138.5127.3/ Beijing61050.811
Japan3241.71221.4/ Tokyo95479.513
Vietnam3318.668.7/ Nha Trang25342.26
Cambodia3423.149.0/ Siem Reap554138.54
Thailand3527.168.3/ Bangkok18230.37
Laos3628.8511.8/ Louang Prabang23947.85
Malaysia37174.91470.7/ Kuching124488.915
Indonesia3856.7207.2/ Gili Trawangan64532.317
Brunei392.011.8/ Bandar Seri Begawan38381
Singapore404.414.4/ Singapore76761
Australia41169.53296.2/ Alice Springs113335.433
New Zealand42172.24729.1/ Rotorua132128.139
Tonga4327.6313.1/ Nuku‘alofa129434
Fiji4471.9922.6/ Suva29933.29
Argentina4591.4571.5/ Buenos Aires6851377
Uruguay469.926.1/ Montevideo10351.53
Brazil470.310.3/ Iguaçu National Park82821
Chile4810.034.1/ San Pedro de Atacama17658.73
Bolivia4935.2512.5/ La Paz48396.66
Peru5019.774.5/ Arequipa50371.97
Costa Rica5120.9313.2/ Puerto Viejo27190.33
Canada52< 0.12< 0.1/ Toronto80402
Between Countries-5.2-----
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May 8th, 2011

Hi Sheryl,

Long time no contacting to you. Sorry!
But it is very good idea to how and share your trip with number.
Where are you going next?

I’m in Manila right now.


May 9th, 2011

YAY!!! Hi Jun, I should have guessed you would like all the numbers, since you are the number man :). After NZ I think we are headed to Samoa or Tonga and then off to South America :). That is the plan, but who knows. Email me all about Manila, I hope you love it.

Have fun, Sheryl


May 8th, 2011

This is so cool, I could spend days reading about your adventures. I’m going to hit Chris’s site next :-). Happy Travels. Subaru now eh! - They last forever - What was the problem (when you first got it).

Patrick M.D. Weitemeyer
May 9th, 2011

Hey Patrick, it’s been a bit since I’ve taken a look at your adventures as well :).

Thank you for the good wishes and I’m hoping the car will stay healthy now. There was a crack at the side of the radiator so steam was billowing everywhere… then they fixed it and the thermostat was stuck closed to we blew the head gasket about a week later…. oh also changing the windshield…. man cars are expensive hobbies. I guess your Hog could get even pricier then an old car :).

Take care, and talk soon :)

November 10th, 2011

so great ! enjoy argentina :) muchos besos

November 13th, 2011

Gracias senorita!!

November 13th, 2011

Sheryl love the stats! This is all hard to fathom - thanks for the window into your experience. Incredible!

November 13th, 2011

Thanks, I’m a bit of a stats geek :)

May 17th, 2012

hi Sheryl….Welcome back! We are in Memphis and we swear we saw Elvis working at the Dunkin’ Donuts…but he looks a little crusty himself, LOL!
weather here is 92F - very nice!

see you soon at The Donalds!

julie & craig
May 24th, 2012

Elvis in Dunkin’ Donuts!!!! Sounds about right :). Thanks Julie, hopefully by the time I see you up North I’ll be working full time and have a few new Canadian adventures to share. Hope you enjoyed Memphis :), and see you soon.


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